My name is Robert “Bob” Cavanah and I am a candidate for the office of Jefferson County Mayor in the May 4, 2010 Republican Primary. I have people ask me “Why do you want to be County Mayor; your retired; do you really want to get back into that”? And I tell them YES. I see a need for leadership and cooperation in our county government, and I believe I can help. I have a great love of Jefferson County and the men, women, and especially the children who call our county home. I am asking for the opportunity to serve and work for you. I will only serve one term as County Mayor; therefore I will be able to make decisions based on what is best for our county.

     Winston Churchill said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at results”. Unfortunately, in the past four years the “strategy” has not had many positive results. I’ve been involved in Jefferson County government for almost 36 years, and I’ve never seen this much long lasting turmoil. I believe Jefferson County is at a crossroad. We have some critical issues that I believe absolutely must be addressed in the next four years. I believe I have the experience and have demonstrated the ability to cooperate and work effectively with others in our county government. I have worked with every county commission and county mayor in Jefferson County for the past 36 years, and I have seen them cooperate and work together so that schools could be built (JCHS, Rush Strong School, Dandridge Elementary, New Market Elementary, White Pine School), and major renovations at Jefferson Elementary, Jefferson Middle, Maury Middle, Piedmont Elementary, and Talbott Elementary). I have seen our county build a new Justice Center, law enforcement needs have been met, roads built and maintained, the list goes on … History demonstrates that when we work together things can be done; Because it always has been done.

     Abraham Lincoln once said, “I’ve never had a policy; I have just tried to do my best each and every day”, and that is what I promise to do for all of the people of Jefferson County.

     As County Mayor, I pledge to work toward uniting the various Commissioners, county officials, department heads, and most importantly, you the citizens. I will treat all of our citizens with dignity and respect.

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